What can you expect?

There will be an initial assessment of 1 hour, where we will discuss your current and previous function along with a full physical assessment. Goals will be set jointly with you and the therapist prior to starting treatment. All treatments are individually tailored and dependent on symptoms and goals, but will involve promoting movement and function. Treatments are specific to each client and will generally involve stretching, strengthening, balance, postural control and awareness, as well as task practice. I am Bobath trained and this is the underlying concept to my treatment strategies and is a hands on treatment.

Please see the page on the Bobath concept. We will liaise with other health professionals and your GP as necessary.

In summary Treatment programmes may include:

  • Developing gross & fine motor skills
  • Stretching
  • Re-educating normal movement patterns
  • Improving standing and quality of walking
  • Strengthening
  • Balance exercises
  • Home programmes
  • Offering advice to family and carers



My client’s and I are privileged to work with such an experienced Neuro Physiotherapist as Elaine, who has the expertise and skills to ensure that the assessment and treatment that’s she provides is highly effective, comprehensive and serves her client’s best interests to enhance, maximise or maintain their functional ability. Elaine is able to engage with and treat the most damaged individuals whether in clinic, their home or the community. She is simply phenomenal.

Mandy – brain injury case manager

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